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The following plugins are available for CaRP Evolution:

From Gecko Tribe, LLC
Plugin name Description Price (1 User)
AccessKeys Adds "access keys" to the headline links. In most modern web browsers, this enables the links to be selected or "clicked" from the keyboard without using the mouse. Provides various methods for choosing and displaying access keys. Free w/RSS Super Pack
AgeFormat Enables you to vary the visual formatting of items based on their timestamps. For example, you might display the headline and full description for items less than an hour old, the headline and up to 200 characters of the description for items less than 6 hours old, and just the headlines of the rest. Free w/RSS Super Pack
Click Route clicks through any URL you wish (but please always redirect to the original link target in the end!) Free w/RSS Super Pack
Expander Make item descriptions collapsable with "show more" and "show less" links. Free w/RSS Super Pack
Filter Provides more complex filtering capabilities than CaRP's native filterin and filterout settings, including regular expression matching, AND, OR, NOT, etc. Free w/RSS Super Pack
FlexFormat Enables you to vary the visual formatting of different items in the same newsfeed. For example, you could display the headlines and descriptions of the first 3 items, but only the headlines of the rest, change the fonts, etc. Free w/RSS Super Pack
GroupDate Enables you to group the items in a feed by date, displaying, for example, a date header and/or footer around each group. Free w/RSS Super Pack
HoursAgo Enables the display of relative times such as "3 hours ago" for item and channel datestamps. Free w/RSS Super Pack
ItemIDs Wraps each item in a <div> with a unique ID (useful for integrating with JavaScripts). Free w/RSS Super Pack
mySQL Stores parsed newsfeed items in a mySQL database for use by other applications. Free w/RSS Super Pack
NewerThan Instead of limiting display to a specific number of items from a newsfeed, display all items newer than a specific time. Free w/RSS Super Pack
NumericEntities Convert HTML numeric entities to characters. Free w/RSS Super Pack
Page Enable visitors to click through the items in a long feed or aggregated feeds page-by-page. Free w/RSS Super Pack
Podcast Display an on-page Flash powered MP3 audio player for podcast feeds. Free w/RSS Super Pack
ProcessedData Stores the parsed feed data in a PHP variable for your scripts to use. Free w/RSS Super Pack
QuickTime Display QuickTime, MPEG and MPEG-4 videos. Free w/RSS Super Pack
ReplaceText Modifies the contents of a newsfeed before displaying it. Expand acronyms, add bold or italics to certain words or phrases, "bleep" language you don't want appearing on your site, etc. Free w/RSS Super Pack
Sort Sorts items in the order you specify or shuffle them in random order. Free w/RSS Super Pack
XMLEncode Encodes all of the data from the feed so that it can embedded into an XML document. Free w/RSS Super Pack
YouTube Display YouTube videos. Free w/RSS Super Pack
Third party plugins
Plugin name Description Developer
No third party plugins yet listed
To have your plugins added to this list, submit the pertinent information through our help desk. We reserve the right to refuse to list plugins for any reason, including plugins that we feel make unethical changes to newsfeeds, plugins hosted on sites containing material inappropriate for children, etc.

DEVELOPER NOTE: You may develop and distribute your own plugins for CaRP Evolution under whatever terms you wish. No royalties are required. However, redistribution of CaRP Evolution itsself is not allowed. Please point your customers to this website to purchase their copy of CaRP Evolution.