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QuickTime is a plugin bundled with CaRP Evolution. Use it to display QuickTime, MPEG and MPEG-4 videos using the QuickTime browser plugin.
To install QuickTime, put quicktime.php into the "plugins" folder inside the folder containing carp.php. (If no plugins folder exists, create one.)
To tell CaRP Evolution to use QuickTime, first, enter the following command into your webpage after "require_once '/path/to/carp.php';":

Then use the CarpConf function to change your iorder configuration setting to something containing "quicktime" -- for example:
     CarpConf('iorder', 'link,quicktime');

Because the QuickTime player loads all movies on the page whether they are played or not, it is recommended that you minimize the number of items you display from feeds with lots of videos attached, for example.

     CarpConf('maxitems', 3);
The QuickTime plugin has the following settings:

To set the above settings, use code like this:


Example Code:
Here's an example of the full code for a simple webpage that uses this plugin:

<title>QuickTime Videos</title>
require_once '/YOUR/PATH/TO/carp/carp.php';