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CaRP Evolution Documentation
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NEW! CaRP Themes

Submit your themes!

Send your theme files and the following to :
  • Your name
  • Theme name & description
  • Would you like it distributed with CaRP?
  • If so, a preferred name for it in carpconf.php
  • Only submit themes that you yourself created or otherwise have the right to distribute.
  • Include your name and optionally your URL in the theme file.
  • The URL must not point to a site containing illegal, adult, or otherwise objectionable material.
  • We reserve the right to determine which themes will be posted.
  • To have your theme removed, notify us by email. We will remove it within 15 days.
Introduction An introduction to CaRP themes and how to use them

Theme List

Recently updated themes are listed in bold.
Name Version Description Author
podcast-heavy 1.0 Podcast feed with an icon linking to the audio, a truncated title, author, date and truncated description Antone Roundy
podcast-lite 1.0.1 Podcast feed with just an icon linking to the audio and a truncated title Antone Roundy
rss20 1.0 Output feed in RSS 2.0 format (requires CaRP Evolution 4.0 or higher) Antone Roundy
ul 1.0.1 Unordered list with truncated description Antone Roundy