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Processed Data

Processed Data is a plugin primarily for developers which is bundled with CaRP Evolution version 4.0.5 and higher. With it loaded, CaRP stores the parsed feed data in an array named "$processedcarpdata". By default, the plugin prevents CaRP from displaying anything, since you'll presumably be displaying it yourself if desired.
To install Processed Data, put processeddata.php into the "plugins" folder inside the folder containing carp.php. (If no plugins folder exists, create one.)
To use this plugin, enter code like the following into your webpage after "require_once '/path/to/carp.php';": CarpLoadPlugin('processeddata.php'); The channel and item data will be stored in $processedcarpdata['channel'] and $processedcarpdata['items'] respectively. For example, if the "corder" setting or CaRP's "cborder" setting (see below) contains "title", the channel title will be found in $processedcarpdata['channel']['title']. If the "iorder" setting contains "url", the item link URLs will be found in $processedcarpdata['items'][0]['url'], $processedcarpdata['items'][1]['url'], $processedcarpdata['items'][2]['url'], etc.

Important Notes:
Processed Data has a number of configuration options, which are members of the array $processeddatacarpconf: