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Podcast Heavy Theme

Author: Antone Roundy
Filename: podcast-heavy.php
MyCarpConfReset name: podcast-heavy
Current version: 1.0 [Download]
GPL Koi Evolution
n/a >=3.5.11 >=3.5.11
Some versions of CaRP may not support all of the features of a theme. This table indicates which CaRP versions will not generate errors when using this theme.

This theme displays a podcast feed with an icon (linking to the audio), the title (trucated to 60 characters), the date, author and description (truncated to 250 characters). Everything is in a table with the icon in theleft column and everything else on the right. The CSS class of the table, "carppodcastheavy", may be used to apply additional formatting without requiring CaRP configuration code.

See also the Podcast plugin


Here's what the "podcast-heavy" theme looks like with no additional formatting. (NOTE: Author names are not displayed because this feed does not contain that information.) Get the podcast icons:

[CaRP] XML error: Mismatched tag at line 22 - This appears to be an HTML webpage, not a feed.