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Podcast Lite Theme

Author: Antone Roundy
Filename: podcast-lite.php
MyCarpConfReset name: podcast-lite
Current version: 1.0.1 [Download]
GPL Koi Evolution
n/a >=3.5.11 >=3.5.11
Some versions of CaRP may not support all of the features of a theme. This table indicates which CaRP versions will not generate errors when using this theme.

This theme displays a podcast feed with just an icon (linking to the audio) and the title (trucated to 40 characters). To ensure proper vertical centering, everything is put in a table. The CSS class of the table, "carppodcastlite", may be used to apply additional formatting without requiring CaRP configuration code.

See also the Podcast plugin


Here's what the "podcast-lite" theme looks like with no additional formatting. Get the podcast icons:

[CaRP] XML error: Mismatched tag at line 22 - This appears to be an HTML webpage, not a feed.