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CaRP Evolution Documentation
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CaRP Evolution Plugin API

CaRP Evolution allows plugins to register callback functions for various stages of the processing of an RSS newsfeed. The API for registering callbacks, and the arguments that will be sent to your callback functions are described below.
You may use accesskeys.php as a starting point for developing your own plugins. Further documentation and recommendations for plugin development will be added in the future.

Registering Callbacks

Register your callback functions using the function CarpRegisterCallback. For details, refer to the documentation for CarpRegisterCallback.

Callbacks should be unregistered during the initialization phase of your plugin, before you register them. This will ensure that your plugin is not called multiple times if a user reinitializes your plugin. You may unregister a callback you have previously registered using the function CarpUnregisterCallback. The arguments to this function are the same as for CarpRegisterCallback, but $phase and $option are both optional. If $phase is omitted or blank, the callback will be unregistered for all phases. If $option is ommitted or blank, the callback will be unregistered for all values of the option.

Accessing CaRP Internal Data & Functions

During the callback phases startelement, endelement, characterdata, outputfield, handlefield, displaychannel and displayitem, $carpconf['rssparser'] contains the RSS parser object that is parsing the newsfeed. The following functions and data structures are available for access by your plugin. All others should be considered private and subject to change without notice.

Callback Function Prototypes

Refer to the documentation for CarpRegisterCallback for information regarding the parameters for callback functions.