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CarpMapPrefix( [Prefix in feed [, CaRP's prefix]] );

Set up a mapping between the namespace prefix used in a feed and the namespace prefix expected by CaRP, or remove all prefix mappings
Most RSS feeds use the same namespace prefixes for their elements: RSS elements have no namespace prefix, Dublin Core elements use "dc", etc. In order for CaRP to process feeds that use unusual namespace prefixes, CaRP needs to know what prefixes the feed is using. This function enables you to specify that.

If both arguments are left blank, this function resets CaRP's prefix mapping. This is useful when displaying multiple feeds which use different prefixes on the same page.

  1. Prefix in feed: The unusual prefix used by the feed. This value is not case sensitive.
  2. CaRP's prefix: The prefix used by CaRP. Leave this blank for no prefix.

Return value: none

Usage Example:
require_once '/home/geckotribe/carp/carp.php';