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CarpFilter( url, cachefile );

Reformat and store a filtered set of items from a newsfeed
Fetches an RSS newsfeed and saves a number of items from it in a formated based on your configuration settings in a cache file which may later be used by CarpAggregate. Unless you have specified values for the "filterin" or "filterout" options, it won't actually perform any filtering. Note that only item information is cached--because this function is used to aggregate news stories from multiple sources and display them together, channel information is discarded.

  1. url: The address of the RSS newsfeed. May be a URL, path to a local file, or data from a Grouper cache specified as "grouper:cache-name". Note that Grouper must be loaded before calling CarpFilter if using the "grouper:" syntax.
  2. cachefile: The filename of the cache file in which to store a reformatted copy of the newsfeed, based on your configuration settings. Note that while you are working on the formatting of a newsfeed, you will need to delete the cache file each time you wish to change it's appearance in order for it to update.

Return value: none

Usage Example:
require_once '/home/geckotribe/carp/carp.php';
CarpConf('filterin','Gecko Tribe');