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CarpClearCacheFile( which, filename );

Delete a file from one of the cache directories
This function deletes the indicated file from the cache folder indicated by "which".

  1. which: indicates by number which cache folder to delete the file from. Valid values are:
    • 0: CarpAggregatePath--the aggregation cache
    • 1: CarpCachePath--where formatted output is stored by CarpAggregate, CarpFilter, CarpCacheFilter, CarpShow and CarpCacheShow
    • 2: CarpAutoCachePath--where raw newsfeeds are stored by CarpCacheFilter and CarpCacheShow
  2. filename: The name of the file to delete. To delete a file from the auto cache directory, indicate the URL of the newsfeed instead of the filename.

Return value: none

Usage Example:
require_once '/home/geckotribe/carp/carp.php';