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Content-Based Filtering Settings

filterin: Display only items which contain any of a specified set of words or phrases. When specifying more than one word or phrase, separate each with a "pipe" character (|). By default, CaRP checks both the title and description fields of each item for the indicated words. To check only one or the other, specify that word or phrase like "title:word" or "desc:phrase to search for". Note that you must specify title or description for each word or phrase that you wish to only check one field for. For example, if filterin is set to "title:microsoft|apple", the title will be checked for "microsoft", and both the title and description will be checked for "apple". Note that you cannot search for pipe characters and colons.

filterout: Do not display items containing any of the indicated words or phrases. The format is the same as filterin. You may use both filterin and filterout at the same time.

	require_once '/path/to/carp.php';
	CarpConf('filterout','title:browser|desc:netscape|Justice Department');
skipdups: [CaRP Koi and CaRP Evolution only] Determines whether or not to display items that appear to be duplicates. An item is considered to be a duplicate if its title (headline) is identical to one appearing earlier in the newsfeed or aggregation. Value values are:

	require_once '/path/to/carp.php';