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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Displaying RSS feeds in Mambo/Joomla content 

If you'd like to display an RSS feed on your Mambo or Joomla CMS-powered site, the easiest way is to install the "Add PHP" mambot. Then put your CaRP code into a PHP file, upload it to your server, and pull it into your content like this: {rdaddphp file=rssfeed.php} (type the curly braces and everything between them into the content editor, with the filename changed as needed, and a relative path to the file added if needed).
// posted by Antone Roundy @ 10:12 AM


By Blogger Mak, at January 16, 2006 8:03 PM  


I have just started fooling arround with MAMBO and automatically updated rss feeds, and I think you have the solution, but I would really appreciate some more explaining if possible. Thanks,

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 31, 2006 10:37 AM  

I am trying to use CaRP on an OpenRealty CMS site, and can't use the Mambots (AFAIK), so instructions on integrating the feed into an already-PHP-derived page would be very helpful.

Otherwise, it's back over to FeedDigest...

By Blogger Antone Roundy, at January 31, 2006 4:25 PM  

I'm afraid I'm even less familiar with OpenRealty than I am with Mambo, so I cant really help you there except to suggest searching for instructions for inserting PHP code into OpenRealty content. If you can do that, you can just put the CaRP code in that way.

As for 'more explaining': download the mambot, go to the place in mambo (assuming it has the same admin menu items and Joomla) for installing mambots, click browse and find the ZIP file on your computer, and click whatever you need to to say to upload it. That will install it. Then there's some place (can't remember exactly where) where you'll have to enable the mambot. Then make a PHP file containing your CaRP code (refer to CaRP's documentation for details) and use the code I posted within a content item to pull the feed into your content item.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 10, 2006 6:25 PM  

Hey! Thanks so much for this link...I'd be stuggling with a way to get php in there

By Anonymous Jeremy, at February 14, 2006 2:57 AM  

how about displaying RSS feeds in TYPO3 CMS?? anyone knows how to do it??

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 15, 2006 7:44 AM  

does anyone know how to put extracted data into joomla's content table?! tks paperoz007@yahoo.it

By Blogger Your Friend Azzam, at May 17, 2006 12:27 PM  

What Can I say This is an absolutely awesome tool and at the moment I am only using carp basic version but will be immediately updating to the paid version and getting my teeth stuck in.

The next $60 million dollar questions are:
Can a cronjob be applied here?
Can carp be confirgured to carry out tasks i.e. retrieving rss feed based on keywords. From a commercial perspective this would be viable for the creator and certainly an advantage for the user for adsense generating revenue.

Thanks for this tool

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 29, 2007 10:00 PM  

you can use output buffering to put the output in a variable.

require_once '/usr/home/username/carp/carp.php';
// Add any desired configuration settings before CarpCacheShow
// using "CarpConf" and other functions


$body .= ob_get_contents();

By Anonymous nubargulbenkiana, at November 10, 2007 7:54 AM  

Dear Antone..

I just followed your instructions to install CaRP on my Joomla based site..but nothing happened then. What's wrong is actually?

I put it on my follwing URL bellow :


By Anonymous arun vallappan, at March 23, 2008 11:00 PM  

man,, thats an amazing component, it works like a charm in my joomla website :) thanx a lot.

By Anonymous Web Site Design Kent, at August 05, 2009 5:32 PM  

Another great guide to using carp from Antone. Using the mambot does allow for adding bespoke php code within the Joomla or Mamabo CMS, such as carp.
Although, I do use another component for doing this which allows for the mixing of different feeds in one article but its not as customisable in other areas like carp is. The compenent is easier to use but carp is my favourite for non CMS or html/css pages, whether html or php extensions.

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