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Saturday, October 29, 2005

CaRP's Amazon.com associates example code has been updated 

The Amazon.com associates example code has been udpated to work with Amazon's latest changes to their web services API. A few of the changes include:

* Uses Access Key IDs instead of Developer Tokens or Subscription IDs (neither of which is being issued to new associates anymore since they're not used by the latest API).

* Has built-in support for searching non-US Amazon sites.

* The number of characters displayed from each review is configurable.

* The example page lists available search indexes (Books, DVD, Electronics, etc.)

* Uses the same XSL template for both the single review and multiple reviews cases.

Here's hoping Amazon continues to support this version for a long time--digging through their documentation to figure out some of the changes, and updating the XSL template are not my idea of a good time! Enjoy the fruits of my labors!
// posted by Antone Roundy @ 12:12 PM
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Friday, October 07, 2005

Multi-affiliates search page example using CaRP and Grouper 

I've posted an Affiliates RSS Example showing how CaRP and Grouper can be used to create a search page for multiple affiliates programs. A few noteworthy notes:

1) The affiliate search results are displayed on your website so that if your visitor doesn't find anything interesting, they're still on your site.

2) Multiple merchant sites can be searched from the same page, increasing the probability of your visitors finding something they're interested in. At the moment, the example code only searches Amazon and All Posters. More merchants will be added later.

3) Google AdSense ads appear on the page--if you don't reach your visitors in one way, you might reach them in another.

4) The example requires Grouper Evolution. As it appears on our site, it also requires CaRP Evolution, but could be easily adapted to the other versions of CaRP. With CaRP Koi, the AdSense add could not appear inside the search results (because without the FlexFormat plugin, more ads than Google allows would be displayed). With CaRP GPL, the images could not be displayed.

5) Default search terms are automatically entered when you first arrive at the page--if you have an idea of what your visitors might be looking for, don't waste an opportunity by showing them a blank page when they arrive. Also, having the page filled with results by default means that there's content for the search engines to see.

6) Finally, the "method" for the search form is "get". This is important if you have AdSense ads on the page, because without it, Google couldn't deliver relevant ads based on the visitor's search terms.
// posted by Antone Roundy @ 10:50 AM
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Affiliates XML to RSS conversion for Amazon.com, Shopping.com and All Posters 

We've had example XSLT code for converting Amazon.com affiliates XML code to RSS for CaRP to display for quite some time. As of today, a new method is available using a new Amazon affiliates plugin for Grouper Evolution. If you've got the XSLT solution up and running, there may be no reason to change your Amazon code, but if you are or are interested in being a Shopping.com or All Posters affiliate, Grouper may have something to offer you, because it also has new plugins for their affiliate XML feeds. If you'd like to be able to use a wider variety of data sources with CaRP, check out Grouper's growing list of plugins.
// posted by Antone Roundy @ 8:50 PM
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